The topic I chose to write about for my word press account is the New Orleans Saints which is a football team in the National Football league (NFL). I am a die hard football fan and my favorite team is New Orleans saints even though they give me a heart attack every game they play. Me being from Louisiana who else would I root for. They have one of the top offenses in the league every year even though it hasn’t always been that way. The defense is horrible but sometimes shows up when they want to play which is hardly ever. Seems like we got things backwards because we use to have one best defenses in league back in the day with the Dome Patrol which is barely talked about.



13 thoughts on “NEW ORLEANS SAINTS

  1. It’s cool that you’re into a team other than The Cowboys or The Texans being in Texas. Drew Brees and Brandon Cooks were a good connection, sucks they had to get rid of him. I also like watching Willie Snead play, he is one of the better playmakers in the league.

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    • Yes indeed Saints fan for life I don’t like the Cowboys at all especially being from Louisiana. As for Cooks we still have him for now and Willie Snead has become one of my favorite he is very underated and I think he will get better as the years go by.


  2. I’m a Drew Brees fan, and like the saints because of him. I know mostly about Drew Brees because he graduated from Westlake High School, which is close to my hometown. The Saints are a great organization and have a pretty good head coach.

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  3. The Saints really are an exciting team to watch. I was never really a fan of theres until after Hurricane Katrina hit when they had their first home game back in the Superdome. It still gives me chills when I think about that season. I love watching their offense move up and down the field against opposing teams.

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